The Pressure to Be Perfect

It’s not just the pressure to be perfect, but the pressure to be the most popular, the pressure not to disappoint parents, coaches, friends or teachers, the pressure to be included in every social gathering whether virtual or live and the pressure that comes from relying on others to determine your value and worth, that has this current generation of kids and young adultsstruggling to find their place in the world and maintain theiremotional health.

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Focus on the Relationship

After teaching, coaching and supporting tens-of-thousands of parents over the last 25-years, the focus of my work continues to be offering parents the “how-to” develop and maintain healthy relationships with their children based on love, mutual respect, cooperation and personal accountability. Not only is the parent/child relationship strengthened, parents also learn to raise children who become young adults with the skills necessary to navigate the challenges of adult life, enter into healthy relationships, and becomecontributing members of their communities.

When I work with parents of young children, I focus on four key areas: Investing in the relationship, fostering independence, building emotional health, and character developmentin their young children. And while my audience may be living with toddlers, they come to understand they are responsible for raising adults who will require a multitude of skills and personal strategies in order to navigate daily life now and into the future. When I work with parents of older kids, who may or may not be experiencing an increase in power struggles or other challenges inherent with this age group, we utilize the same ideas and strategies modifying them as needed to maintain their effectiveness with tweens and teens and young adults.


Why Now

Adolescence has always been a more stressful and challenging time for kids than toddlerhood. If we add to this hovering and micro-managing parents, the current economic and social climate, and the constant stimuli of their handheld technology we have created a perfect storm. The good news is that as parents we can work with our young children to fortify them with skills and insight, so they will walk into this time in their lives with confidence and enthusiasm. By shifting our perspective and our daily interactions with our teens we create the opportunity tolovingly support and effectively guide them as they work their way through this tumultuous time.

Presentation Overview

This presentation provides a means for parents to assess their children’s stress or anxiety, understand the root cause, and execute a plan to enhance the relationship with their young children or rekindle the connection with their adolescents.

Many parenting tools are best implemented at an early age, but it is never too late to invest in the relationship with your child—ever. I am available to present to your school or your community of parents offering you a parenting philosophy with real-life steps you can take now when your kids are young or as you find yourself in the midst of teen angst, to strengthen the relationship with your children, foster independence, facilitate mutual respect, personal accountability and perspective, all the while supporting them as they develop the resiliency required to bounce back from the challenges of adolescence.

If you would like to hire me, have a conversation or ask some questions, please contact us. We welcome the opportunity to talk with you.

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